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Did you know that your salivary glands play a vital role in your oral health? These amazing glands often go ignored, but the truth is that they fight like champions. Cen-Tex Dental is pleased to report how exactly they fight their war.

Many of the foods you eat have wonderful nutrients that aid your teeth and body. Some foods also contain bad guys for your mouth, namely acid and sugar. Acid wears down your tooth enamel and opens the door for bad bacteria to create cavities. Sugar is food for these bad bacteria.

Your salivary glands can be found on the palate, cheeks, and floor of your mouth. Saliva, the substance they secrete, doesn’t just moisturize your mouth. And it doesn’t just break down food particles for easier digestion and better nutrition. It’s actually filled with a natural formula of rich minerals specifically calculated to lower acid levels. Not to mention it washes away sugar and bad bacteria from your teeth and gums.

So the next time you smell garlic or cinnamon cloves and you begin to salivate, remember, it’s more than just a sign that you have an appetite. It’s your salivary glands preparing itself for an epic battle. But make no mistake: your saliva needs your help. Brush morning and night, floss daily, and come and see our experienced dentist at Cen-Tex Dental in Killeen, Texas. Just give us a call at (254) 213-6300 to book an appointment with our dentist. We’ll help you win the war.