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Several issues often arise with oral accidents and injuries. Although you may notice chips and cracks on your teeth, many individuals often fail to understand the significance of the damage that can occur later on. Anytime your tooth enamel is breached, the inner workings of your tooth are susceptible to bacteria. Thus, it is important to always apply the necessary treatments, so root canal therapy will not be needed.

However, if bacteria enter a tooth and damage the pulp, the pulp will need to be removed via a root canal. Root canals are often needed when oral accidents or injuries occur or if deep cavities have exposed the inner workings of a tooth. Microscopic damage can arise at any time as bacteria is small enough to seep through even the smallest of cracks in your tooth enamel.

Another common risk factor for pulp death is due to repeated dental procedures. If you ever have treatments on your teeth that have routinely worn down your tooth enamel, the pulp of a tooth may be vulnerable to infection. Visit your dentist to inspect your teeth for any signs of potential damage to a pulp and to assess whether or not a root canal is needed.

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