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Are you looking for some innovative gift-giving ideas this holiday season? Our Cen-Tex Dental team has some smile-friendly options that will brighten the smiles of the people you care about. Who says gift-giving can’t be fun and good for you at the same time?

Make it electric: With advanced technology, these toothbrushes clean teeth in less time than a manual toothbrush. For the person on your list who has a hard time brushing the recommended two minutes, give them an electric toothbrush so they can remove plaque and oral debris with ease.

Floss with water: Some people don’t enjoy flossing with dental wax or floss, but it still needs to be done. A good alternative for those who won’t floss is an oral irrigator. This tool efficiently cleans between the teeth with less hassle.

Make traveling fun: Travelers have a lot to worry about. Make their job easier by providing a dental kit stocked with travel-sized versions of these necessary oral tools: toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and an oral rinse.

Protect that smile: Keeping smiles safe isn’t just about keeping out cavities and gum disease. For those who regularly engage in contact sports or recreational activities, a mouth guard is the perfect gift to shield their smiles from injury.

Chewing with a purpose: Stockings traditionally overflow with goodies, including sweets. This year, tuck in packs of sugarless gum for a healthier alternative. Your loved ones will benefit from a cleaner mouth and fresher breath.

Whitening those pearly whites: Dull, stained teeth can bring anyone’s spirits down. Restoring the luster of teeth is easy with a professional tooth whitening treatment. Wrap up a tooth whitening kit from our office, or give a gift card for an in-office whitening treatment to have your loved one smiling again in no time!

Brightening smiles this season is easier than ever. If you would like to know more or want to schedule a visit, just call (254) 213-6300 today. Our dental team in Killeen, Texas, are thrilled to help you give out healthier smiles this year!