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Biannual examinations give your dentist a chance to monitor your dental health, stopping any signs of infections before they can continue to spread. Visiting the dentist is vital along with your daily dental care of brushing twice a day and flossing daily to prevent these infections. Our dedicated dental specialists provide professional exams and cleanings at our office here in Killeen, Texas.

Your chances increase when you attend your bi-annual dentist exams and cleanings, fighting off dental dangers such as plaque buildup and cavities. This also includes an early detection of oral cancer, dental diseases, and any other complications.

Bi-annual examinations allow your dentist and their associates to do an extensive cleaning, removing dental calculus (aka tartar), plaque, and other deterrents that may lead to decay, cavities, or gum disease. Other treatments your dentist will include are fluoride applications, polishes, and flossing. X-rays are often used to examine your pulp and roots underneath tooth enamel. This in-depth look at your teeth can prevent extraction of your teeth.

Visiting the dentist more than twice a year may be required if there are any signs of dental problems. Give Cen-Tex Dental a call at (254) 213-6300 to set up a consultation or make an appointment. Here in Killeen, Texas, our team is more than happy to provide the dental care you need for your smile!