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Your dentist cares about you, your smile, and your oral health, which is why our team at Cen-Tex Dental offers general dentistry in Killeen, Texas. General dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on preventing, diagnosing, and treating dental issues, even dental conditions, disorders, and diseases. Obviously, general dentistry treats the teeth, gums, smile, and entire oral health.

There are many treatments offered under the general dentistry umbrella. Some of those treatments include dental cleanings and exams, dental sealants, fluoride treatment, emergency care, and more. They are all supposed to help you have the strong, healthy, and functional smile you deserve.

Ideally, general dentistry is meant to help you prevent dental issues. This is why your regular dental cleaning and exam appointments are vital for your oral health. When you visit Cen-Tex Dental every six months, your mouth will be cleaned from harmful oral bacteria, which can help you prevent major dental issues, like tooth decay and gum disease. The appointments will also help your dentist detect any dental issues at the early stages of development, which can help you avoid major consequences. So, don’t forget to schedule your six-month checkups!

To learn more about general dentistry in Killeen, Texas, please contact our dental office at your earliest convenience. When you dial (254) 213-6300, our dental team will be thrilled to help you. We look forward to hearing from you!