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At Cen-Tex Dental, we understand that many people feel anxious or nervous about visiting the dentist for a variety of reasons. If your upcoming dental appointment is making you feel nervous, we invite you to talk with our dentist about using laughing gas during your visit. Laughing gas is a mild, safe sedative used to help patients feel calmer and more relaxed during their dental treatment. If you have concerns about your next appointment, contact us today at (254) 213-6300 and set up a time to talk with our dentist about whether you could benefit from laughing gas in Killeen, Texas.

What is Laughing Gas?

Laughing gas, is an odorless, colorless mild sedative gas that you inhale through a nose mask. It is mixed with pure oxygen to help patients relax during their dental treatment, producing a sensation of euphoria. Patients remain conscious during their dental treatment with laughing gas, and they will still be able to respond to requests and questions during their treatment. The effects of laughing gas only last as long as the gas is being inhaled. Once your treatment is done and the nose mask is removed, the effects will wear off in just a few short minutes. Patients can then continue about their day as normal.

Why Choose Laughing Gas?

Many dentists choose to use laughing gas for its ability to help patients manage any dental anxiety during their treatments. If you feel nervous about going to the dentist for any reason, laughing gas is a fast-active and effective sedative that can help you feel relaxed and happy, ultimately helping you forget or not care about the fact that you are sitting in a dental chair. This not only helps you enjoy your dental care but also allows our dentist to perform your treatment without interruptions or complications.

Laughing gas can be used for a variety of other reasons, including helping patients with cardiac conditions reduce their stress level during dental treatments. Laughing gas is also great for reducing the gag reflex; this is especially useful for patients whose gag reflex is so strong that it is difficult for our dentist to perform even simple dental treatments. If you require a longer dental procedure, we may use laughing gas to help distort your awareness of time so that your treatment does not seem as long. This sedative can also help reduce your fatigue so that you can keep your mouth open longer for more complex treatments.

Reasons Not to Use Laughing Gas

While laughing gas is an effective and safe sedative for some patients, there are specific situations where it is not recommended. Some of these situations include patients who have:

  • Chronic pulmonary disease
  • Severe emphysema
  • Any sort of nasal obstruction, or who habitually breathe through their mouths
  • A severe cough
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Severe mental limitations or language barriers
  • Certain head injuries or intracranial disorders
  • Compromised immune systems, or who are taking immunosuppressive drugs

Patients should also avoid laughing gas if they are pregnant. It should also not be used as a substitute for anesthesia and pain relief; it is only designed to help patients relax, not reduce pain.

If you have any concerns about whether laughing gas is right for you, talk with our dentist. We will work with you and any necessary physicians to determine whether you are in a position where laughing gas is safe for you. Your safety is our number-one priority, and we will do all that we can to ensure that you receive the treatment you need in a safe and comfortable manner.

To learn more about laughing gas, we invite you to contact our practice today. We are happy to talk with you and help you receive the high-quality, personalized care you deserve.

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